Opening Report: The Now OPEN Jet Blue Terminal

JFK: Today the JetBlue Terminal 5 finally opens to the public, and that means the somewhat highly anticipated fancy food court is about to be unleashed as well. It's not even noon yet and we already have some early reports. Serious Eats' Nick Solares flew in to the terminal this morning and got some high res shots of the food court, 5ive Steak, Deep Blue, and Piquillo. Meanwhile, Bloomberg has a review of the entire terminal—architecture, stores, and all. It begins, "A canopy over the departure curb of JetBlue's new terminal at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport is about as welcoming as what you would find at a million-square- foot warehouse along the New Jersey Turnpike," and doesn't get much more positive from there. Status: Certified Open. JFK Airport. [SE; Bloomberg]
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