One York's Biggest Fan Is Moving In, After All

It had to end this way, didn't it? Telecom mogul Michael Hirtenstein fell in love with Canal-Street-straddling, Enrique-Norten-designed new development One York several years back, agreeing to purchase six units in the building for a combined price of $35 million. He had layouts altered to his liking, and genius bachelor pad touches—like the hot tub above, from our tour of the place last year—added. So when he famously walked away from the deal last fall, leaving a $7 million deposit on the table, it was like somebody cancelled Christmas.

Break out the fruitcake, friends—Hirtenstein's moving into One York after all, and he's getting a deal to boot.
"Instead of spending more than $25 million for six units that totaled nearly 11,000 square feet, the real estate fanatic will now pay about $16.5 million for five units that total about 9,000 square feet," reports Jennifer Gould Keil. "And his original $7 million deposit is being applied to this purchase, meaning Hirtenstein didn't really lose that money at all."

All that, and this: "Sources say there's just a year or so left of construction that will cost a few million more." Hirt, baby, Hirts so good.

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