On the Matter of a Tearful Rachel Zoe

The Zoemeister

The Cut can die now. We die. Last night we appeared on our favorite TV network, Bravo. Perhaps you caught us? We had a cameo in the last half of The Rachel Zoe Project, where Zoe stumbles upon an item from last Fashion Week about her missing Marc Jacobs's show because he started practically on time. Honestly, we're a little bewildered by Zoe's teary reaction, especially since we were just reporting the facts. She even talked to our reporter for the item. We thought Zoe would be inured to press coverage at this point. But hey, Fashion Week makes us all emotional. And if we'd had a front-row seat at Marc's show and missed it, we'd be in tears too. But as it's important to have insight on the emotional compass of Bravo's brightest new reality stars, we turn to Zoe's "blog":

I never quite understood, nor does anyone in my life understand, why I am such a moving target. It's a very surreal thing for me — it's extremely hurtful, and I'm extremely sensitive. All I've done with my life in the last fifteen years is work and I've made tremendous sacrifices in my personal life for my work. I still to this day don't understand why I am such a victim of the press … I think when I'm really tired and really overworked I'm really more sensitive to it. When I'm sleep deprived and at my wit's end, I just cave in and come undone.

Well, having a high-profile job and being on a reality show might have something to do with it. But hey, when we're tired, we get emo too. It happens.

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