Why Does Today's Hilary Swank Condo News Sound So Familiar?

Now that New York real estate is painfully slowing down, are real estate developers going to start leaking--maybe the word is re-leaking--year-old celebrity apartment news? Consider the second item in today's Wall Street Journal Private Properties column: "In New York City, Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank is in contract to pay $3.5 million for a two-bedroom apartment at the Superior Ink condominium building, a West Village development that's still under construction."

It sounds familiar. Almost exactly one year ago, New York wrote, "tipsters say that the Academy Award–winning actress, soon to be seen in the Richard LaGravenese romantic comedy P.S. I Love You, is looking for a loft—and we hear that she may have already signed for a two-bedroom at Superior Ink, the West Street celebrity-magnet tower designed by Robert A.M. Stern."

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