The Round-Up: Wednesday

Even with pending Congressional hearings on the financing of Yankee Stadium, the federal government rules tax exempt bounds may be issued to finance the Yankees, Mets, and Nets sports arenas. [NY Times]

Ten immigrants gathering at a popular corner for day laboreres in Jackson Heights are arrested for blocking the sidewalk. [NY Times]

What $375,000 gets you. [NY Times]

Wachovia posts $23.9 billion in net third-quarter losses. [DealBook]

Worried about having enough cash for retirement? Trade your home in for a smaller apartment in the same neighborhood. [NYDN]

Older New Yorkers flee for the comfort of New Jersey’s new residential communities like Renaissance Homes—“a cross between a retirement community and adult summer camp.” [NYDN]

A retired correction officer-turned-landlord found beaten to death in his Bed-Stuy brownstone. [NYDN]

Battle ignites at JFK Airport over the fate of the concession workers at the old JetBlue terminal. [NYDN]

Brick boathouse on Meadow Lake—a long forgotten relic of the 1939 World’s Fair—due for a $6.5 million restoration early next year. [NYDN]

Between the Bricks: Lehman’s implosion means a slew of major developments around the city have been unable to draw down on their loans; Deutsche Bank splits a $1.6 billion mortgage among four buyers of Macklowe buildings. [NY Post]

Hi-tech ice-skating rink to open next month at the Museum of Natural History. [NY Post]

The era when illegal immigrants could easily secure a home mortgage without a Social Security number comes to a close. [WSJ]

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