The Round-Up: Tuesday

The NYPD is relying on video surveillance more and more these days but it’s unclear how it’s affecting crime, if at all. [NY Times]

Bloomberg and the city’s largest municipal union reach a deal on a two-year contract that includes a 4 percent raise per year. [NY Times]

Eva Moskowitz brings the unending energy she once brought to City Council to a highly successful chain of Harlem charter schools. [NY Times]

A peek inside the massive Voting Machine Facility on 33rd Street near the Hudson River. [NY Times]

Queens’s famous Pepsi-Cola sign to move back to its original location along the East River. [NYDN]

Green spaces are flourishing along the Queens waterfront, but not many folks know about them. [NYDN]

Up to five convention centers may be coming to Queens, including a 400,000-square-foot space at Willets Point, should the Mayor’s redevelopment plan be approved later this month. [NYDN]

Meet Salvatore Vacca: Bronx’s Italian chestnut expert. [NYDN]

Realty Check: Apple balks at building a new store along West 34th Street, leaving a giant hole in the ground across from the Empire State Building; the Times may have called the projects “stalled,” but the Shangri-La hotel and Larry Silverstein’s Four Seasons hotel are doing just fine. [NY Post]

Summer Redstone may leverage land sitting under his National Amusements movie chain in order to refinance some of the company’s massive debt. [NY Post]

Merrill Lynch’s “thundering herd” of brokers question their new boss’ loyalty after only half of them received retention packages after the firm's merger with Bank of America. [NY Post]

A new effort to help homeowners struggling with foreclosures stalls due to disagreements between the White House and the FDIC. [WSJ]

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