The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

LIRR investigation now centers on a group of physicians and consultants who helped retirees secure easy disability payments. [NY Times]

A 17th-century Hamptons inn—owned by a descendent of the Romanian prince who inspired Dracula—is haunted by ghosts, or so its young caretaker claims. [NY Times]

Looking to renovate your Park Avenue apartment? You’ll have to go through Elliott Glass, the “god of the co-op boards.” [NY Times]

Surrounded by the pleasant amenities of a high-rise condo, Downtown Brooklyn doesn’t seem so bad. [NY Times]

East Crotona Park—the Bronx neighborhood once described by President Carter as America’s “worst slum”—makes a come back. [NY Times]

Over the last month, 27 apartments have hit the market costing between $10 and $20 million. [NY Times]

Long Island auction attracts 5,000 perspective homeowners looking for a sweet bargain on foreclosed homes. [NY Times]

Forced to accommodate new priorities in urban development, New Jersey’s parking lots have begun to disappear. [NY Times]

Obama and McCain’s tax plans may offer breaks for homeowners, but none for renters, even though they make up two-thirds of New York’s households. [NY Times]

New York has it own Main Street—five of them, actually. [NY Times]

The tube that carried the old Hudson & Manhattan commuter line vanishes—the latest landmark to disappear as construction at Ground Zero advances. [NY Times]

Local tailors see their business improve dramatically, as more New Yorkers save money by mending old clothes instead of buying new ones. [NY Times]

As Court Street gentrifies, mom-and-pop shops worry about competition from newer, ritzier stores. [NY Times]

House sales plummet in the outer boroughs, and once trendy neighborhoods no longer seem so hot. [NYDN]

…Though for this lawyer couple, now was the perfect time to buy a Park Slope apartment with sale prices falling so low. [NYDN]

With a glut of condos on the market, a Greenpoint family has a tough time unloading their duplex. [NYDN]

For working-class Brooklyn and Queens, the housing crisis is very real. [NYDN]

A Sheepshead Bay family struggles against the tide of a collapsing housing market. [NYDN]

Sales of existing homes rise 5.5 percent in September—the largest national rise in five years. [NYDN]

Paranormal group investigates ghostly happenings at a Staten Island church. [NYDN]

SUV carrying a Haitian senator slams into an UWS Indian restaurant, injuring six. [NY Post]

With Wall Street employees anxious over layoffs, many of the industry’s top talent flee for the relative safety of firms in Chicago, Milwaukee, Florida, even Asia. [NY Post]

Government efforts to stem a global recession fail to calm investor fears, as U.S. futures fall and stocks continue to plummet worldwide. [WSJ]

New data shows Americans dealing with the worst job market in 15 years… and things may only get worse. [WSJ]

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