We'll Say It Again: Enough With the Sexy-Chef Thing

In a list of the sexiest men alive that means absolutely nothing (it includes one of the guys from Harold and Kumar and the kid from Superbad), Salon singles out Tom Colicchio for being “a chef with an aesthetic and tireless work ethic who has succeeded largely based on his talent in the kitchen. It doesn't hurt his standout factor that he shaves his head bald and has some of the most piercing blue eyes this side of Frank Sinatra.” And by the way, people, he isn’t chubby— he’s “sturdy, strong, built in the most virile, masculine way.” Meanwhile, Jezebel, in its list of “The 10 Sexiest Everyday Men of 2008,” singles out Sasha Petraske: “I don't even need my tequila-goggles to come up with reasons to shut down the bar and try to order from the take-out menu.” And if all this isn’t enough for you, Eater is holding a sexy-chef competition much like the Daily News held way back in the day, except this one seems more prone to ballot stuffing.

The Top Chef [Salon]
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