The Battle of the Scanned-Sandwich Blogs

Left: Scanwiches. Right: Scanwich.

Like This Is Why You’re Fat only weeks ago, Scanwiches is the latest food blog making the rounds on IM, e-mail, and Facebook. It’s a beautiful site, especially if you like sandwiches. And it has gotten tons of press lately, including an interview with Valet Mag. “I thought I'd grow tired with it a week in, but after the first few scans came out so beautifully, I became more and more interested in finding gorgeous sandwiches,” founder Jon Chonko said. But there is strife in the world of scanned-sandwich blogs!

A comment left on the Valet story today says, “Jon Chonko is a fraud. has been up since 2007. This idea is stolen.” Hop over to Scanwich, and the ire is evident. “Established 2007 Years Before The Other Scanned Sandwich Site,” proclaims the banner. And though Scanwich hasn’t posted a sandwich image since December 2008, its founder (the domain was registered to Justin Biliki) updated his site today in order to prove that he registered his site in July 2007 and that Chonko registered Scanwiches just last month. The real rub is that Biliki had a good idea, and Chonko (who may or may not have seen it before he launched his own) does a good idea better, aesthetically speaking.

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