Mr. Black Retires a Mascot That Delighted and Disturbed

This is somewhat far afield of our usual coverage, but since Grub Street is, after all, a restaurant and nightlife blog, we’d be remiss not to share the news that Mr. Ass, the “face” of gay dance den Mr. Black, is retiring after three years on the scene. We have to admit we’re somewhat willfully ignorant as far as this callipygian wonder is concerned, so we’ll turn it over to the appropriately cheeky press release.



On March 27th at dance den and clubhouse MR. BLACK we celebrate the retirement of it's fearless mascot The Ass. After 3 years of Friday night debauchery it is time for mr.Black's most famous cocktail waiter to hang up his apron and shut down his most infamous website

The date also marks the 3rd year anniversary of the party ( Gary 49) in which The Ass was spawned. Created through a dare, the Ass went on to record his friday night antics much to the amusement of the general public, and became an instant online hit. Painstaking efforts were made to portray all of his reluctant fans as best he could, whether is was photo shopping a smile on a celebrity, removing a double chin from a drag queen, or adding a tan to a go-go boy, The Ass spent days on end making sure everyone looked their best on his website.

The Ass has been loved and hated, arrested and appluaded, poked and probed, despite his ups and downs he has always been the most astute proffessional, ensuring patrons left the club happily tipsy, angrily challenged or eagerly molested.

In The Ass's final farewell we pay homage to the patrons who have survived encounters with our mascot. The night has been dubbed THE ASS- UNCUT, and will feature all the photos deemed too scandelous for the website.

As always here at mr.Black we are proud to present nightlife in all its diversity, fostering new talent and pushing the envelope, all with a sense of humor. We look forward to an 'assless' era, and relish the oppartunity to discover our world without an ass.
So join us on Friday March 27th to bid farewell to the most famous pair of Ass Cheeks in New York City.

Join us.

mr. Black: Mega Dance Den
251 WEST 30TH, GROUND LEVEL, ( 7TH/8TH AV), Garment District, NYC.

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