Milk & Honey Mole Identified! Plus: UrbanDaddy Gets an Earful

After UrbanDaddy outed Milk & Honey's new number, one of our commenters complained, “As a M&H member who pays membership dues yearly (which are not cheap), this is extremely frustrating when some jerk decides to show off that they have the number and post it on the Internet.” Actually, the “jerk” in question was none other than M&H proprietor Sasha Petraske. That’s right, another commenter quickly pointed out that the number was posted on Milk & Honey’s website. And according to UrbanDaddy editor Randy Goldberg, it was Sasha who sent them the magical digits!

“We asked him if he wanted us to hold off on posting it,” Goldberg tells us, “and he said not at all. He’s done trying to protect the number because someone would post it anyway.” Still, that didn’t prevent the newsletter’s readers from sending what Goldberg says were hundreds of e-mails.

Grub Street has gotten barraged like this before — when we offered the new number, a little over a year ago, to the person with the best sob story. And we got a none-too-happy response from Sasha himself when we actually printed the number a year before that.

“People are so self-righteous about this place,” Goldberg told us, though he says that in addition to the “angry mob,” he also got e-mails from people who were “ecstatic that they finally had an in at Milk & Honey. Like it’s some long-lost city that they've been hunting after for years.” Well, we, for one, will miss this delicate dance between the haves and have-nots. Now we have one less thing to gloat about.

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