Mark Badgley and James Mischka Confront Rumors of Their Breakup

They are simply too cute to break up.

At Mark Badgley and James Mischka's Couture fragrance launch at Red Door Spa yesterday, the designers laughed when we summoned the nerve to ask about the recent rumor that they were breaking up. “We were like, where did this come from? All of our friends started e-mailing us, and we’re like, no, it’s not true, don’t worry,” Mischka said.

We were told that similar rumors crop up every few years. “The funniest thing is, you know, sometimes our friends will believe it,” Badgley said. Mischka gets sympathetic messages from friends: “‘I’m so sorry what happened with you and Mark,’” he repeated. “I’m like, what happened with me and Mark?” The two revealed what's really on their minds, though. “We’re on the computer like a minute after the show ... and I’ve got a Google alert set up,” Mischka admitted. “That’s the worst part of this business, because you’re so exhausted, you’ve been working on the collection for months, and you’re so happy it’s over, but then you’ve got to wait [for the reviews],” Badgley added.

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