Kimora Lee Simmons Embraces the New Modesty

You know things are bad when the Queen of Bling scales back her fashion show. Kimora Lee Simmons is cutting the guest list for her usually flashtacular Friday-night Baby Phat show by half, to approximately 800. She's moving from Roseland Ballroom to the smaller Gotham Hall and only holding a small cocktail reception instead of her regular massive after-party. “Now’s not the time to be running all over and flaunting the money that we don’t have,” she told Heard on the Runway. What? Does this not go against the principle of fabulosity the label was founded on? Which we've always understood to mean trying to show you have money in order to compensate for something else you feel is lacking within? “Now’s not the time to have all these people come to the show who are coming because they’re your best friends — the people who need to be there are the buyers who need to see the clothes, the editors,” Kimora continued. This season her show will take place on a Tuesday, so that international buyers who often leave New York before her old Friday-night slot can see the clothes. Okay, great. So they'll be there. But they will not understand the true essence of fabulosity, which is a tragedy. We hope she doesn't skimp on the hair extensions or acrylics for the models. These foreigners need at least a taste of fabulosity.

Baby Phat Tones Down Glitz This Season [Heard on the Runway/WSJ]

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