Heidi Klum Expects New ‘Project Runway' Episodes to Return in January

Heidi Klum has professed ignorance to Harvey Weinstein's behind-the-scenes business dealings involving Project Runway. But last night at the opening party for Victoria's Secret on Lexington, she said she expected new episodes to start airing in January, despite the tangle of lawsuits surrounding the show. "At the end of the day, we're really lucky that people were fighting over the show because it's a great show," Klum told us. "I know they'll figure it out somehow and we'll be at Fashion Week in February no matter what." Really, Heidi? Despite speculations by a lawyer close to the situation who told the New York Times that legal proceedings would likely drag into early spring? "Yes, yes. Our designers will show," she reassured us, adding that season seven will start shooting in June. "We're going as planned, and we're all hoping that in the beginning of January we start airing." Is she blissfully unaware? Or wise beyond her makeup? Stay tuned.

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