Go Ahead, Ask Adam Platt Anything!

Grub Street and New York magazine readers, here’s your chance to ask our esteemed food critic, Adam Platt, everything you’ve ever wanted to know about restaurants but have been too busy stuffing your face — based, of course, on his impeccable recommendations — to ask. We’re launching a recurring column in which he’ll share his hard-won “Plattitudes” about drinking and dining, and we need your questions. Just avoid ground that’s already been covered in his “Gobbler” column — our man doesn’t like revisiting things unless it means a chance to try the omakase again. Anyway, e-mail us and Platty will respond to the best of the bunch. We’re taking MLK Day off, so you have plenty of time to come up with something better than “Where should I have my birthday?” See you Tuesday!

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