Fashion Week Folks Love McDonald's — Especially in Paris

Maggie Rizer grew up on milkshakes.

McDonald’s is providing the coffee at Bryant Park this season, so we asked luminaries gathered for the amfAR gala last night whether they dine under the golden arches — and found that more than a few do.

Maggie Rizer grew up on McDonald’s. “I liked the Monopoly pieces,” she reminisced. “That was a lot of fun, because you got, like, free milkshakes and stuff.” And she’s still a fan: “I’m big on the grilled chicken sandwich, and I like the grilled cheese.” Rizer also gave us a travel tip: “I like it in Paris a lot. The menu is different; the fries are better there, they’re more like potatoes.”

Julia Restoin Roitfeld, who says she eats McDonald’s “too much,” agreed. “I don’t like McDonald’s in New York; I love McDonald’s in Paris,” she said. Julia’s favorites are Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets. But Roitfeld will also partake before leaving New York: “I do have McDonald’s at JFK, because I think it’s still better than the food you get on the plane.”

Actress Michelle Monaghan? “Oh, you bet!” She prefers the “No. 3 with a Coke.” Taylor Momsen loves the fries. Actor Cheyenne Jackson only partakes occasionally, at 3 a.m. when he smells that “delicious grease.” We did manage to find a couple of folks who avoid the restaurant. Eliza Dushku says she never eats there, and Doutzen Kroes is flat-out against fast food: “I really am not a big fan of McDonald’s, of how they market their things and how unhealthy it is. I’m a real health-food freak,” she told us. We didn’t get to ask Anna, but we have all of Fashion Week to catch up with her.

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