Fabrizio at Mr. West: Same Shit, Different Models

By the looks of a recent LXTV video, our very favorite doorman in the world, Fabrizio, is working the rope at Chelsea club Mr. West. Asked about the patrons, he says, “The clientele here is top notch, I must say — only supermodels (no regular models — supermodels), celebrities (A-list celebrities), and beautiful people in general.” Wait, isn’t this pretty much exactly what he said when we asked him about the Plaza? (“The Plaza is top of the line. We have A-list celebs only, and models.”) We don’t want to impugn this upstanding man, but is it possible Fabrizio is pulling the wool over our eyes? Say it ain’t ’zio!

DJ Vibe @ Mr. West on LXTV [YouTube]
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