Elle Has a Celebrity Athlete Intern Now

Biceps: check.

So Stylista didn't quite work out for Elle. They were hoping it would be their new Project Runway (which Marie Claire now sponsors), a vehicle for increasing exposure, circulation, and ad pages. But the first season was panned, the show probably won't return for a second, and the whole charade didn't exactly make Elle look like the sophisticated fashion establishment we know it is. So they're trying a new approach, one that worked well for Vogue: they've hired a famous athlete intern. His name is Stew Bradley and he apparently plays football for the Philadelphia Eagles. Okay, so we're not absolutely certain Avery made a dent in Vogue's ad page numbers or circulation, but his editorial genius and high profile certainly couldn't have hurt. And what office couldn't use an extra celebrity — especially a hunky, muscle-y one — to fetch them coffee and sit in on executive meetings? Inside DVF interviewed the fashion newcomer, just at the top of his off season.

DVF: What inspired you to pursue a fashion career?
SB: I always am looking at fashion magazines and have had an interest in fashion and I wanted to do something different this season.
DVF: Speaking of seasons, what looks do you like for Spring?
SB: Tough question…
DVF: OK, what about harem pants, hot or not?
SB: I’m up in the air - but if you can pull them off…
DVF: What are you wearing?
SB: PRPS jeans, Diesel and PF Flyers
DVF: What have you done so far?
SB: Well, it’s my second day on the job, but I’ve helped pick out some clothes and am working on the next two issues.
DVF: What is your favorite look for women?
SB: I like casual - jeans and a white t-shirt.

It sounds like he might not have quite the passion for fashion Avery walked into Vogue with. That man was dropping names like Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent fresh out the gate. But to Bradley's credit, he knows what harem pants are. So he's off to a promising start. Welcome to the industry, darling!

P.S., if you have a teammate who also needs something to do in the off season, we could always use an extra masseuse — er, intern over here.


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