Cabin Down Below: Secret-Hipster-Bar Status in Jeopardy

And now for something straddling the fine line between breathtaking and terrifying:

Downstairs, except for a ‘70s MOR soundtrack, it was 2002 all over again. Carefully scruffy alt-rock icons and a movie star relaxed to the sounds of Steely Dan and Neil Young. Oversized shot-glasses filled with Jameson or tequila came quickly across a small semi-circular bar—no charge. Hidden behind a bushy beard and black fedora, Devendra Banhart handed a couple of them back to his group of jet-set bohemian pals.The clique included the short-haired, stubbly cheeked Strokes drummer Fab Moretti and his movie-star ex, Kirsten Dunst, who was standing bobbing to the mellow music.The pair was wearing identical charcoal-gray cardigans, Dunst’s sweater pinned with an early-’80s New Wave button.

The subject of this, really, poem? Week-old-and-therefore-over speakeasy Cabin Down Below, which is located under Pizza Shop on, roughly, 7th and A.

Bash Compactor: Going Down Below [NY Press]

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