Brooke Shields Promotes Sunscreen; Catherine Zeta-Jones Brushes Her Teeth With Strawberries

• Brooke Shields is the new face of Coppertone's NutraShield Dual Defense sunscreen. So now she has a fallback if Lipstick Jungle doesn't make it. [WWD]

• A new pillowcase with copper fibers supposedly prevents breakouts. Dreamy. [Allure/Daily Beauty Reporter]

• Catherine Zeta-Jones's homemade beauty products include honey-and-salt exfoliant, beer shampoo, and strawberry-pulp toothpaste. [Daily Mail]

• The theory that lipstick sales go up when the economy goes down isn't holding water. A new report shows that makeup sales dropped 3.3 percent in 2008, while skincare and anti-aging products remained at a steady selling pace. [WSJ/Heard on the Runway]

• Cheryl Burke from Dancing With the Stars and Kelly Pickler from American Idol are the two new faces of Sexy Hair products. Eh, they don't make a bad bored-in-the-afternoon Google if you, like us, have no clue who they are. [People/Stylewatch]

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