American Apparel Lays Off Hundreds

Finally, some good news today! If by good news, you mean watching Dov Charney's company suffer. American Apparel has announced it's cutting hundreds of jobs, despite posting the strongest sales in retail versus its competitors. The company is reducing its expansion plans, hence the layoffs. This, just after its latest store opened right by our dear ol' offices.

All the cuts come on the heels of many, many, lawsuits against Charney for subjecting employees to sexual harassment but also some rather odd ones involving scam e-mails, potential blackmail (against Charney), and general sketchiness. It's amazing that the economy is what's causing the company to cut back and not Charney's penchant for winding up in court. To the hundreds of unemployed hot gals, we say best of luck.

American Apparel lays off hundreds of workers [LAT]

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