Alexander McQueen's First Love Was a Boy Named Tom

Alexander McQueen's all giggles.

Giles Deacon only likes big, revolving bow ties. Bet you didn't know that, didja? Well, he told British Vogue TV, and it's captured in their year-end reel, which is a snippets love-fest you can see by clicking the link below. At first, we were really digging Alexa Chung's totally out-of-context quote "I want to make children cry," as we can sympathize (kidding), but we were then taken by Alexander McQueen when he talks about his first love. "There was this boy named Tom who asked me to smoke his cigarette with him," he divulged, while subsequently erupting into a fit of nervous schoolboy laughter. Who knew McQueen would have such adorable buckling knees? And just for that, Tom, if you're out there, we love you, too.

Confessions of the A-list - The Best of Vogue TV 2008 [British Vogue]

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