NYC Ice Cream Crawl

No offense, butter pecan, but on this citywide scoop safari we'll take ice cream flavors like kumquat with whiskey and sour gummi bear. Can you really blame us?

It's like we've always said: Anything worth eating or drinking is probably going to be 200% more delicious as a flavor of ice cream. Nicely proving our point is today's New York Post tenspot of boundary-pushing ice cream flavors to taste at purveyors all over town, which doubles as a handy itinerary for a New York City cone crawl. Here are three highlights that have us jonesing for a sunny sky and a day off:

1. At Midtown's Golosi, you can get your heart-hammering caffeine jolt in ice cream form. For now, it's just Red Bull ice cream; soon (thanks to a pending liquor license) you'll be able to suck back that clubbing staple, Red Bull and vodka, in a cone.

2. As if you didn't have any other reason (cough crack pie cough), the soft-serve ice cream made from sour gummi bears should be excuse enough to find an apartment within an East Village block of Momofuku Milk Bar.

3. Oh, Cones of Bleecker Street, why do you taunt us so? A sorbet made of kumquats and Johnny Walker Black Label? How are we supposed to resist that?

Head to the Post's roundup for the complete list-slash-crawl (including the drool-triggering photo gallery). May we suggest getting an early start this coming Saturday?

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