The Museum of the Moving Image Salutes Alec Baldwin

The Museum of the Moving Image saluted Alec Baldwin Monday night for his years of acting in film and television.

“I’m very honored to be here,” Baldwin said as he walked the red carpet at Cipriani in Midtown. “I’ve been doing this for a while and when you start to get old like I am, they start giving you these awards. I’ve got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame now too. I’m getting old.”

For many years, Baldwin mainly took on film roles, but now is in his fifth season alongside Tina Fey on the hit NBC series, “30 Rock.”

He revealed his secret to Niteside of how to be a successful comedic actor.

“I had an opportunity to do a TV show and most comedy involves one central thing – you have to make an a-- of yourself,” Baldwin said. “It’s not about looking good. You’re not playing James Bond. I would love to be James Bond, but I’m not James Bond. They hired somebody else for that, so I make an a-- of myself on the show and we’ve had a lot of fun.”

With his experience in both film and television, Baldwin said being a part of “30 Rock” has been one of the best things for him.

“Sometimes the hardest thing to get in movies is an audience, but TV people stay with you,” Baldwin said. “They like the show and they watch it every week and we have a great response with our show.”

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