Nike Unveils U.S. Open Looks for Federer, Williams, Nadal

Nike erected a regulation tennis court on the corner of 23rd and Broadway to organize some charity volleying as well as promote the brand's new U.S. Open looks for the biggest names in tennis. Oh, yeah, and we were there.

While we'll admit we were a little disappointed that Roger Federer's new look didn't quite rival his gold-and-white glamour-puss look he sported at Wimbledon, we did note that Nike's new red-and-black look seemed an echo of Michelle Obama's much-argued-over red-and-black Narciso Rodriguez dress on election night. (Is Michelle Obama everywhere? Yes, yes she is.) We are huge fans, however, of his nicely monogrammed jacket.

Raphael Nadal's yellow-and-black look was apparently an homage to the New York taxi, though it was likely Serena Williams' deep pink minidress that got the loudest reaction. The kids in the bleachers (three of whom had the opportunity to actually get coached by the tennis greats and return a few balls from a machine) went absolutely bananas for the athletic dame, who claimed pink was actually her "favorite color," which is why she was so excited to be able to wear it on the court. Her "nighttime" dress, however, will be a New York classic: black. Says Williams: "I feel really fast when I'm wearing black."

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