New Video: The National, “Exile Vilify”

Brooklyn’s golden boys, The National, were recently tapped to contribute a new track to the soundtrack of the highly anticipate video game Portal 2.

While I can’t begin to tell you why it is highly anticipated or anything about the original Portal video game, what I can tell you is that Portal 2 looks like a futuristic romp through a dangerous factory with more A.I. robots than even Will Smith could handle.

Regardless of game, The National’s new track “Exile Vilify” is another haunting jam in a long lineage of haunting songs from the successful five-piece. In conjunction with the creators of the game, the band ran a video contest for the new song.  

Director C.F. Meister turned in the winning submission. The video features a melancholy sock puppet and its puppeteer’s journey across beautiful landscapes with the somber song as their guide. Check it out below.

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