New Spoon Video Shot in LES’s Cake Shop

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Lower East Side club Cake Shop is definitely not for everyone. It’s a dewy basement perennially strewn with Christmas lights, with a floor that seems to slope frustratingly downward toward the flat, rug-strewn performance area. It is virtually impossible to see the band if you’re not in the first two rows or approximately 6’5”, and the sound is patchy.

But it’s also an authentically fun hall for rising indie bands, not to mention the day-drinking venue to beat during CMJ, and a mandatory stop for all trend-trawling Ludlow Street music fans.

In other words, it’s not the proportional venue for Spoon. Yet the mammoth Austin, Texas rockers (and proverbial jewel in Merge Records’ askew crown) settle into the subterranean space in the video for “Nobody Gets Me But You,” the catchy yet irascible latest single from this year’s Transference. It’s shot like the surveillance monitor footage of a department store, the visual equivalent of lo-fi – and this from a smart, hook-happy band of exponentially lush production.

Is now a good time to say “Only in New York?” No? Ok.

Watch “Nobody Gets Me But You”  here via Drowned in Sound.

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