Neiman's, Bergdorf's in Hot Water Over “Cava” Fur

WWD reports that The Humane Society has petitioned the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman for advertising and/or mislabeling Manolo Blahnik boots made with cava fur and natural ocelot fur. The big problem? Ocelot's an endangered species (read: not for boots) and apparently there's no such thing as cava fur.

Before passing judgment, however, the whole affair seems confusing -- a Neiman Marcus Group spokesperson could not comment, and the last time the corporation was investigated in 2007 (for labeling domestic dog fur as faux -- um, yikes), the FTC ruled against any necessary action, whatever that means. 

UPDATE: A Neiman Marcus spokesperson has released the following statement: "We made a mistake, as we do from time to time, and it's ocelot-printed goat, basically," said Ginger Reeder, VP of Corporate Communications for Neiman Marcus.

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