Mott Street's Resurrection Vintage Goes to Christie's

While shopping for their Mott Street vintage boutique Resurrection, Mark Haddawy and Katy Rodriguez have come across some of the stranger, less wearable items in the history of 20th century design—things like the red plastic "bubble cape" by Pierre Cardin that turns the wearer into a giant maraschino cherry. Of course, the less likely an item is to be bought by a mere mortal looking for something to wear on a Saturday night, the more collectible it becomes, which is why the bubble cape is expected to fetch $7,011 to $10,517 at a Christie's auction next month.

The auction will include around 250 pieces from the Resurrection collection, all exciting, some downright mind-boggling. Take the "full-length wedding dress made from plates of white leather linked by metal rings, estimated to sell for between $10,517 and $14,023" will make some rich bride very happy, assuming it's not cursed—it was commissioned for a wedding that never happened.
· Reimagining Fashion as Decorative Art [NYS]

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