More Joy in Park Slope About Barack Insane Neighbors

Does Park Slope have more (shall we say) eccentric residents/neighbors than other Brooklyn nabes? One is tempted to say, hell yes. Take for instance, this tale of woe just posted on Brookynian about some people that moved into an apartment only to find that the person downstairs is totally crackers. As in, batshit crazy:

My fiance and I moved into our apartment in July. In the 3.5 months that have passed since then, we've come to find out that we have a downstairs neighbor who is out of her mind. A rough summary of what we've gone through:

-The weekend we moved in, we were subject to several visits by said neighbor, complaining about the noise of moving in. We explained that we were just moving, getting our apartment in order, etc, but she proclaimed that she "must have quiet by 10pm every night". But she complains well before 10pm, at times like 5, 6, 7 at night.

So it continues:

-She has tried to push/force her way into our doorway to find out what is "going on" in our apartment to cause the noise she is hearing. (There is nothing going on except us being alive, i.e. walking from one room to another, or pulling out a chair to sit down.)

-My fiance has had to call the police on her because of her harassment, as she would not leave our doorway and was trying to shove her way in.

-I asked her to please stop coming to my door to bitch at me, and please call me instead. Big mistake, because in the past three days I've heard from her three times to complain.

-Last night, she left me a 5 minute plus voicemail about her new plan to "make my life difficult" because I apparently continue to "disturb" her and she doesn't like that I call the landlords and tell them about it. Yes, I saved the message.

...The landlords are 75+ years old, and don't really care about solving the situation. Every time I speak to them about it they just tell me that they'll talk to her. They can't stand her, but she's been there for 6 years and they can't/won't take the steps to get rid of her. Oh and by the way, she has two dogs that bark constantly anytime anyone is in the hallway (which is often) but apparently THAT noise is perfectly acceptable to her. Is there any possible way that I could convince the landlords to let me get out of the lease early? I can't take this anymore!

Oh, Park Slope. So much more entertaining than other neighborhoods.
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