Mischa Barton Designs … Headbands

Tough financial times be damned: The celebrity designer gravy train rolls on. The latest railcar addition (the caboose, if you will) is not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman actress Mischa Barton, who's launching a line of headbands (you read that right, headbands) for Stacey Lapidus. Barton already created three seasons' worth of handbags for the London-based brand Rl2k (sold only in England and Australia, apparently, which explains why we'd never heard anything about it until now). At any rate, all of this should at least serve to fill in a small part of the $65,000 "what has Mischa Barton been doing since 'The O.C'" question.

But back to the headbands. It seems Lapidus is the brains behind the operation, since she was inspired by Barton's flower child look: "She's definitely known for being bohemian and for her hippie look, but then you will turn a page and see her in head-to-toe Chanel," Lapidus told WWD. Thusly, the headbands are a blend of '60s romanticism with a more classic vibe (if you can imagine such a thing). The collection itself only consists of six pieces designed specifically for the holidays (though we can't say our grandmothers wouldn't just rip 'em off our heads yelling "hippie!"). A slideshow on WWD highlights some of the best selections—both in headbands and handbags. The headbands are priced between $80 and $200, and are available right now on staceylapidus.com, though again WWD reports Lapidus is looking to expand the distribution to boutiques with which she already has relationships.

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