Midnight Cronenberg Fest Comes to IFC

A seven-week festival revisits the Canadian creep king's classic movies

In case you doubted just how demented the black hole of David Cronenberg's psyche really is, the IFC will be happy to lay it all out for you. Starting tomorrow, the theater serves up seven straight weekends of Cronenberg Classics, showing a highlight from his oeuvre every Friday and Saturday -- at midnight, for maximum creepiness.

If you haven't experienced Jeff Goldblum shedding oozy body parts in his bathroom mirror on a big screen, now's the time to see The Fly, and Videodrome's brain-melting blur between reality and media feels especially relevant at a time of virgins hawking their maidenhood on eBay and iPhone apps that let Gordon Ramsay scream insults at you on command. Naked Lunch, Spider, The Dead Zone, eXistenZ, and Crash -- where a starch-faced James Spader lists around a very claustrophobic Toronto, getting turned on by car wreckage -- round out the offerings. (No Dead Ringers? Aww.) For the full schedule, check out the IFC's website, and for more on David Cronenberg, see this Times piece on the festival.

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