Lil Wayne Will Not Unplug For Anyone


Do you remember when MTV made Dave Grohl play with those fake drumsticks for Nirvana's Unplugged performance? That was when MTV was true-to-name, actually playing music and forcing bands to dismiss electric instrumentation to hear the pure, acoustic essence of songs. 

Well Lil Wayne is all, "no way!" to unplugging a single damn thing. Not to be outdone by VH1's recent revival, MTV is bringing back Unplugged and giving eager fans a preview of this decidely plugged-in performance of Weezy's bombastic "6 Foot, 7 Foot."

It's blatant by now Weezy does whatever he wants, all the time. And he's made it clear in interviews (and on the ridiculously guitar-driven Rebirth) that he's always wanted to be a rockstar. But just how far the  Cash Money rep will go to make sure that image sticks becomes deafeningly apparent here.

But for all that lamenting... damn, this is amazing. I mean, Weezy's not exactly a Common, is he? I guess all this loud is kind of necessary for him.

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