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The number one weekly educational podcast on iTunes is beamed straight out of the apartment of a 29-year old Williamsburg man. Andrew Brody records "Logic for Everyday Life" to thousands of fans - he has 30,000 on Facebook, law students, attorney's, and the so-called "logic soldiers", people the Post explains as "everyday people from housewives in Canada to Manhattan marketing geeks. " It began as a podcast to help students prepare to take the LSAT.

At the time, Brody had no clue how popular and influential it would become. With lessons gleaned from the 2-hour show, fans learn how to think more clearly and skeptically when they see things on the news. They teach "how to objectively approach any situation so that you can see all sides of an argument", and therefore can "help you identify flaws in your thought process".

It's helpful to understand the power of objectivity and reason as always having the answer to asking "Why?". Knowing that will really help you "get it" when you deal with conflicts in your every day life - from problems at work, learning new skills, to reading news articles on the web - according to Brody.

So as he broadcasts from his Brooklyn apartment, Brody's teaching the ropes ito our world's informational landscape, and it certainly seems to be working. The Post reports he's in a rock band, writes plays, and is working on a "book of logic games" coming out this summer. LSAT Logic in Everyday Life can be accessed in the iTunes Store or at princetonreview.com/podcasts.

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