Leaked: Madonna for Louis Vuitton Part Two

A first peek at what's being called "Part Deux" of Madonna's campaign for Louis Vuitton was leaked onto the Web yesterday and we've got the scoop: Apparently the pop star looks to be wearing ... that's right ... bunny ears.

Madonna's first collaboration with Marc Jacobs was a publicity sensation, from the maybe-it's-too-sexy (the Daily Mail actually used the term "raunchy") Moulin Rouge-inspired looks she wore in a Parisian cafe to the reported $10 million dollar paycheck she earned, so it's no surprise that once rumors started circulating that the Material Girl was getting ready to shoot a second series for the label, everyone was quick to pick up the story.

Her manager, Guy Oseary, confirmed the rumors in a simple Twitter posting that read "on my way to Madonna/Louis Vuitton shoot ... part deux," and now the photos are finally here. And yes, those are the same bunny-ears-like headpieces that came down the runway at the LV Fall 2009 show. Specifically, they're the same bunny ears that she wore to the Costume Institute Gala (the subject of some mockery within the fashion community, to be sure). Are bunny ears the new turbans? Who will be headgear champion: Madonna or Kate Moss? We'll just have to wait and see ...

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