Kings of Leon's Jared Followill: The Runaways Broke Down Barriers

Kings of Leon’s heartfelt, straight-up rock has scored the band a Grammy, hit records and legions of fans. While the band is busy creating its own successful legacy, bassist Jared Followill took a moment to shout out the influential 70s rock group The Runaways, whose biopic was recently feted in New York.

“They broke down a lot of barriers as far as being an all-female band and stuff like that," Followill told NiteSide at a gallery event for "The Runaways" director Floria Sigismondi at Good Units under Hudson Tuesday night.

"They were just a great band. They wrote great songs.”

Kings of Leon has been lauded for its unfussy brand of rock, which is often laced with retro, bluesy rhythms. While their sound has evolved, Followill notes that keeping an eye to music’s past can reveal a lot about its future.

“Only the greatest music stands the test of time, and only the greatest things will last through the decades, “ he said. “So if you look back and if things are still relevant and still cool then it’s the best stuff that was around at that time.”

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