Kermit Does His Best James Murphy Impression

This one goes out to all our readers suffering from a horrible case of what doctors call, “the Mondays”. If the week hasn’t started in the fashion you would have liked it to, take a second, grab a Kit-Kat and enjoy this little gem.

While James Murphy and the rest of LCD Soundsystem were in South America completing the final tour dates before the farewell run in their hometown of New York, this video began making the rounds on internet. The clip in question is an unofficial video for “Dance Yrself Clean” which is the lead track on what is now known to be LCD’s final album This Is Happening.

The video features Kermit the Frog performing the track with fellow Muppets Miss Piggy and Animal along with Cookie Monster from Sesame Street on a rooftop in Brighton, England. Much to the surprise and delight of passersby, the makeshift band bangs out an energetic rendition of the dance tune for anyone willing to stop and take a peak. There also a few cutaway shots of the Muppets enjoying their day in the seaside town including some cute love scenes between the pig and the frog.

Check out the unofficial video here:

Let’s not forget, this isn’t the first time the Kermit took on the roll of James Murphy. Kermit was tapped for the official video for LCD Soundsystem’s “New York, I Love You but You're Bringing Me Down”. Let’s hope there are a few more collaborative efforts in the works before it’s too late.

Hopefully you already scored tickets to LCD's farewell run that includes four shows at Terminal 5 before their final gig at Madison Square Garden on April 2. If not, well, you can just hang out in your apartment with a bottle of wine and sulk your way through the week.

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