Inside Delicatessen's New Model Lounge

It's important, when you represent the top 2 percent of the human population with essentially perfect beauty, that you be spared the degradation of rubbing elbows with the other flawed 98 percent.

That's why Nolita eatery, Delicatessen has undertaken on the humanitarian mission of opening their sub-level Model Lounge, where the fairer set can roam free, unhindered by the thoughts and mismatched outfits of their fellow (plebian) city dwellers. In a vaguely creepy video conducted by that bastian of investigative journalism, The Post, one brave reporter goes inside the lounge to expose the truth behind the nasty world of modeling down-time, in which the delicate creatures reveal how they were subjected to waiting in Starbucks and street corners between shoots and castings (quel horreur!).

Now, they're free to frolic about among comfort food that may or may not be eaten when they're not being filmed, spa treatments, and a bunch of swag they could have probably afforded anyway. We're not exactly holding our breath for a similar refuge for, I don't know, freelance writers who live in Brooklyn, but it should be safe to anticipate an influx of hangers on to be making reservations in the near future.

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