Holiday Shopping Guide: Gifts for Fanboys and Fangirls

We've got just the thing for the comic book fan, trekkie or wizard wannabe.

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TRIBBLE TROUBLE: My Lil' Fatties are the perfect stocking stuffer for your dork. Fat Cat Studio also offers Superman, Ironman, Yoda and Darth Vader characters. $12, Fat Cat Studio at
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KEYCHAIN LIGHTSABER: Whether you're doing battle with your absent father or just searching for your wallet in the dark, it's a handy reminder of a more civilized age. $1.76, Deal Extreme.
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DEATH EATER TEMPORARY TATS: Naughty or nice? Set the tone by offering wearable evil as a stocking stuffing. $2.75, Dark Mark.
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OPTIMASH PRIME: Tuberbots, transform! (Not included: Optimash's nemeses Taterton and Spudscream.) $10, Amazon.
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'JONAH HEX' TRADE PAPERBACK: Get in front of the hype for the 2010 film with Gray & Palmiotti's beyond-the-Comics-Code series. $14.99, DC.
GOOGLE ANDROID PHONE COVER: In this digital age, sometimes you have to go old school to keep your new school gear in shape. This hand-made felt phone cover should keep your cell nice and cosy. $19, Etsy.
HARRY POTTER SNEAK PEAK: Give a double win with the special edition DVD of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Not only will the dork in your life dig the movie, but disc two has footage from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the next installment of the adventures of the boy wizard. $22.99,
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STAR TREK COLOGNE: For the "young, modern man of the Galaxy," there's Red Shirt cologne. Or try Tiberius, the "casual yet commanding fragrance" inspired by a certain enterprising captain. $29.99, Genki Wear.
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DELUXE DC TEES: New and improved Joker products! To celebrate the 75th anniversary of DC Comics, Bloomingdale's is offering holiday pop-up shops: Get tees, scarves, bags, ties, and socks from Junk Food, Jack Spade, Converse, Psycho Bunny and Trunk. Shirts $39 and $62, Bloomingdale's.
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MAGNETIC SPICE RACK: If Julia Child lived on Deep Space Nine, she'd definitely have her rosemary rigged so it wouldn't float away during the occasional zero-grav episode. $44, Yanko Design.
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STELLARSCOPE STAR FINDER: Can’t quite remember how to find the Tatooine system? This compact device allows gazers to locate and identify over 1,500 stars. $49, National Geographic.
'NEW MOON' TWEED HOODED JACKET: Nordstrom's has an array of apparel for the junior Twilight freak in your life. This plaid jacket has the benefit of not explictly plastering itself with advertisements for the film. $52, Nordstrom.
DONNIE DARKO TEE: San Francisco-based designers Joe Haller and Ian Hannula keep the movie references nice and esoteric. $75, Jake.
BOBA FETT HOODIE: Zip the face all way up and you've got a helmet for your Mandalorian armor. Jet pack not included. $98, Marc Ecko.
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'WILD THINGS' FASHION: Channel your inner wild rumpus while looking chic. Each piece is inspired by the characters and sets in Spike Jones' film. Coat, $575, Opening Ceremony.
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