Hillary Buys Burberry and Eyes Secretary of State Post

Edgar Bronfman Jr. took a $1 mil loss on the Hamptons home he just sold for $12.6 mil. Regis Philbin gave his old Bronx elementary school $1.5 million for new buildings, but a year later the archdiocese shut the school down. Sarah Silverman made racial jokes that were funny but not too offensive at Hammerstein Ballroom Saturday night. Jeffrey Toobin got stares in the Condé Nast lobby while nobody noticed Anna and Isaac. Earth out of balance!

Laura Bush is already in talks about writing her White House memoir, but George will have to wait several years to sell his because he's so unpopular. Eminem's new album may not be out next month after all because he's a perfectionist. Britney's son had a bad reaction to some food in Louisiana, but the Post puts "reaction" in quotes in a way that sort of suggests some crazy mom poisoned him. Suze Orman doesn't mind being mocked on SNL, says Cindy Adams, who then segues into her old beef about Wikipedia getting facts wrong about her. Let it go, Cin! Also from Cin: Obama's given Hillary only $300,000 of the $1 mil he promised her to pay off campaign debts. Also, Hillary bought three coats and a sweater at Burberry. Also, did Hillary maybe sort of suggest at the Glamour Awards that she wants to be secretary of State?

Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss left her waitress at Country Club a $1,000 tip. Liz Smith says that Madonna's showing her kindness to Britney and that Mitt Romney is the tanked Republican to watch! Kangana Dutta and other Indian women are suddenly hot as models even though Indian women have been around at least as long as modeling has. Jailed Backstreet Boys mogul Lou Pearlman is managing another boy band from prison. Juliette Lewis blew off Ed Westwick at a Killers concert on the Lower East Side. And in the day's most important news, that Redd Foxx bio you've long awaited will finally happen.

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