High Class Version of Your Frat Days

Ever wish you could go back in time? Perhaps a time when you had ultimate freedom, crowded parties, and no true sense of reality?

Unfortunately, we can’t bring you back to college. We can, however, tell you about this awesome new bar ‘Superdive’ located at 200 Avenue A between 12th and 13th Streets. Emphasis on super.

This place allows its customers to pick and choose how they wish to unwind. Say goodbye to a dress code -- the door allows anyone to enter. It even allows for customized cocktails, as customers are welcome to go behind the bar and create their own mixed drinks.

Don’t be intimidated to by the piano, it is open for anyone to rock out if they dare.

If the setting doesn’t seem picture perfect enough, VIP fratties are offered keg service. A cocktail waitress delivers a keg in a rolling kegerator. A table can be reserved for the favorite refrigerated structure.

So be free, be wild, and continue to pretend like you are still in college.

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