Holiday Tip: Take Care Of Your Super

It's time for December giving

If you weren't able to get that last hot tip from your broker before the economy went belly-up, you're probably in the same boat as most Americans.

Problem is, you live in New York, where you're expected to give the hot tips to just about everyone except your co-workers.

City folks often spend this time of year allocating a little extra to doormen, supers, porters, nannies, babysitters, mailmen and even dog-walkers.

Local doorman Frank Guerrero said he's fully aware of the current financial crisis, but he's still hopeful those who benefit from his year-round help will remember his efforts appropriately.

"I'm expecting roughly about the same as last year," he said. "I give service throughout the year, and my service doesn't change."

Oval Concierge spokesman Michael Fazio agreed.

"There's no getting around it, (tipping) is a New York tradition," he said.

Fazio offered a few tips of his own on how to show your appreciation this holiday season. He said the average tip for a doorman is about $75, and a few others are below:

  • Supers -- No less than $100
  • Porters -- Between $25 and $50
  • Housekeepers, Babysitters -- One week's pay


    Fazio said mail carriers aren't typically allowed to accept cash gifts, but $20 is fine if your guilt gets the best of you.

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