Henri Bendel Hosts Search for Next Top Designers

Perhaps the first competition of its kind, the 40th annual Henri Bendel Open-See casting call welcomes designer hopefuls to show off their wares to be judged October 23.

The formula is simple: doors open and anyone who can make it is seen by a panel of judges on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Over the past four decades, the Open-See has launched the careers of the likes of Todd Oldham, Anna Sui, Colette Malouf, James Purcell, Pamela Dennis and countless others.

Sure, this sounds like familiar reality television territory, except this is totally real-life.  And can you imagine what a rare opportunity this must have been in 1970?  They've surely perfected the process, so the results should be promising.  Grab your racks and go.

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