Sleep Meditations and More for Insomniacs


Insomnia or sleeplessness is often caused by an overactive mind or stress. Insomniacs struggle getting to sleep and staying asleep as well as experience non-refreshing sleep.

Avoiding alcohol and coffee helps, though the keys are to clear your mind and relax, letting go of all worries.

Here are some audio sleep meditations that may help you fall asleep:

To develop solid sleep habits, also follow sleep hygiene, which encourages:

    • Maintaining a routine for meal times and bedtimes.

    • Keeping the bedroom only for sleep and sex. A TV in the bedroom is not recommended.

    • Exercising at least two hours before calling it a night.

    • Avoiding taking naps during the day.

    • Ensuring comfortable sleeping conditions, including a dark room – wear a sleeping mask, if needed.

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