Hannah Upp Found!

Hannah Upp, the 23-year-old teacher who was reported missing by her friends and family over Labor Day weekend, was rescued a couple of hours ago by a group of Staten Island ferry workers who spotted her in the water of New York’s Upper Bay. She had apparently jumped off a pier into the water. “She was almost completely incapacitated when they pulled her out,” a spokesman for the Transportation Department told the Times. "She was not responsive.” Upp has been transferred to a Richmond University Medical Center, where she has since stabilized. It's a dramatic end to a dramatic story, which began when Upp's friends reported that the Bryn Mawr graduate had disappeared, leaving her wallet and keys behind. After she was spotted several times in the midtown Apple store, officials postulated that she was depressed about her job at Thurgood Marshall Middle School in Harlem, or that she had run off with the freegans, a group of foraging vegetarians.

Ferry Workers Rescue Missing Teacher [City Room/NYT]
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