Hamptons Beach Named Among Nation's Sexiest

Ladies, don your bikinis; men grab your towels. One of the country's sexiest beaches is right around the corner.

Maxim opted to kick off summer by scouting the hottest beach spots from coast to coast and narrowing down the contest to the six with the finest ladies in the land.

The beaches are featured in the July issue of the magazine. No matter which one you choose to pop by for a sun tan, the view won't be disappoint. And you don't have to go far.

Main Beach in East Hampton makes the cut. Why? Everyone from hot models to the Real Housewives of New York City to celebs who can't seem to get a grip but look hot in a swimsuit (hey there, Lindsay) makes the trip to the Long Island scene to party all night long. Then they pass out on the beach the next day, according to the magazine.

Here are the other top five beaches on Maxim's list: 

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