Greenpoint Is Fed Up With Your Drunken Antics

There are currently seven places to get intoxicated on Franklin Ave. in Greenpoint. The eighth is on the way. (That's just Franklin mind you.) And now residents are asking why? The blog NewYorkShitty has an extensive and considered (though haranguing) email sent in response to such questions. The email, from a community activist, finds fault with the loose interpretations of the liquor license law that allowed Greenpoint to become so sozzled. And he says, The State Liquor Authority has some 'splaining to do.

And it seems now that Studio B is on the way back and with plans to open its formerly illegal rooftop (wait 'til those complaining residents have beer bottle raining down on them...) and admit minors (...hurled by 18-year-olds, no less), in the words of Gothamist, "It's like it died and came back three times as powerful!"

So now you are left with a neighborhood whose residents (at least some of them) feel they are being overrun by screaming, window-smashing, spree-shooting, joy-riding night-trippers. It almost makes the machete gangs and bunny costume-wearing performance artists down in Williamsburg seem sort of quaint.

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