Grace Coddington Signing “The Catwalk Cats” at Clic

Like everyone else, we've had a tremendous crush on Grace Coddington since seeing The September Issue (and a crush on her work long before that), so you can bet we'll be first in line for her book signing of The Catwalk Cats at Clic Gallery on Thursday. 

The Catwalk Cats is a graphic account combining Coddington's fancy-free sketches with the photographs of her partner, Didier Malige, of the couple's menagerie of character cats.  From the same creative brains and talented hands that have woven fantasy tales of couture for Vogue and created some of fashion's most significant hair styles for decades -- that's Coddington and Malige, respectively -- comes this truly charming glimpse into the lives of these beguiling felines.

Clic Gallery, which showcases photography, art and design and books, has been a haven for the fashion set since its start in St. Barth's and subsequent expansion to New York and East Hampton.  Owned by Calypso founder Christiane Celle, the venue is an homage to all of life's beautiful things, and Coddington's presence is a natural fit. 

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