Good News/Bad News Bloomingdale Road

>Ed Witt's new Upper West Side American restaurant in the old Aix space, Bloomingdale Road, opened less than a week ago and already the locals have been writing into the tipline, getting in on the comments, and crowding Chowhound threads with reviews. For the most part, the reviews are middling. However, you can tell from the strong early attendance that the people up there are hankering for a new spot (one can't go to Dovetail every night apparently). But let's get to their good news and their bad news:

1) The OK News: Right after the restaurant opened, we received the following review in the inbos: "So, day one at bloomingdale road I must say, the food tasted was decent. Unfortunately, the suckling pig meatballs tasted like turkey or chicken...Luckily, the smoked deviled eggs were quite tasty as was they sea bass tar tare and the heirloom tomato and watermelon salad. Also, we ordered the 'tuna ribs', but they never came. In all, the food shows potential for day one. There is a lot of work on the management and service side that needs to be addressed. I did see Gael Green and am curious to see her review." [Eater Inbox]

2) The Good News: A recent Eater commenter has a mostly good review: "I ate at Bloomingdale Road tonight and it was delicious. Most of the dishes are meant to be shared, so it makes it possible to have several small plates. I especially recommend the crispy ham, fig and goat cheese salad with vanilla vinaigrette. The kinks need to be worked out but it's nice to have a new place in the neighborhood." [Eater Comments]

3) The Really Bad News: A Chowhounder comes in to drop the hammer: "You guys are being far too nice. I just went last night with my wife and another couple who are friends of ours. I can say without hyperbole it was the single worst dining experience in my 9 years living in the Manhattan area...When the first dish showed up (the fries) I knew we were in trouble. Joking aside, there are more fries in a happy meal than came on these 7 dollar portions. The meatballs were dry and crumbly. The sliders were barely cooked and were served on stale bread. But nothing could have prepared me for the tuna "ribs". It was nothing but a plate of fish bones with barely a shred of meat on any of them....our last dish (the strip steak) took at least 30 minutes to arrive after everything else..." [Chowhound]

4) The Decent News: More ok news from the comments: "I went there this past Saturday night and while there were some expected new-restaurant kinks with our order they corrected them and comped us a dessert (which is fairly normal). I would like to make one suggestion for the menu. The menu says that all dishes are meant to be shared. However the entrees were definitely 'normal' sized and I wouldn't have wanted to share main course...Otherwise I look forward to going back to have a meal at the big wrap-around bar on a wintry night or afternoon...The neighborhood is starved for a restaurant with good solid upscale American food." [Eater Comments]

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