Manhattan's First Checkers May Open Tomorrow

Last night we observed the following at the Checkers going into 77 Chambers Street: an illuminated sign in the window; some signage up above, and through a crack in the construction paper, evidence of a burger joint ready to open at any moment. Not only are the tables set up, as you can see here, but there are advertisements on the walls, and we even spotted cups on one of the tables, as if someone had just been sipping a banana shake. Sure enough, a call reveals it’ll open tomorrow or the next day (hours: 10 a.m. till midnight). With the opening so close we can taste it, we have to ask — just how do the southeastern-based drive-in chain’s burgers stack up, anyway? Here are some early assessments of the Brooklyn Heights location.

“The burger was alright. A little better than McDonalds. The fries were good. The shake ... ugh. Came out of the machine very fast. Felt very light in my hand for the size of the cup. Translation: A lot of air in this shake.”

“Ordered a fish sandwich It was absolutely great. The fries were just tdf.”

“The burger was delicious and had slightly less manufactured taste than I had expected. The fries (always served seasoned) were crispy and especially enjoyable.”

“Sure, the fries have an incredibly foreign, unknown ‘secret spice’ (aka: pepper). But other than that, I really could not distinguish this from a Berger King. This place is no more special. I see no reason to go here above 5 Guys other than saving maybe $1.50.”

“I enjoyed my food, but I think if I didn't know how delicious it was from growing up with it, I might not have been so pleased that day. My fries had obviously been sitting there too long, because they were lukewarm. That's the best part of going to Checkers! You can get burgers and chicken anywhere, but their spicy fries are so good.”

Food in Mouth
The quarter pound cheese burger was actually pretty decent. It came with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, ketchup, pickles, and onions … The burger is what a fast food burger normally taste like, so I wouldn't say rush out there to try it. If you know and like fast food burgers, this one is ok … The fries are nice and crisp, and they're never under seasoned.

Checkers, 77 Chambers St., nr. Broadway; 212-587-8888

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